GEMS Branded Foster Partner Application
Thank you for your interest in fostering for The Great Escape. Please read and answer all questions honestly and completely.

Foster Mustangs and Burros come to GEMS from a variety of situations. Many have emotional damage that they need to recover from. Still more have experienced physical neglect. Fostering requires an ability to work with animals who aren't "perfect". Our goal is to heal the wounds, and provide a place of safe respite and recovery so the animals that come to us can become complete and whole again.

As a GEMS Branded Foster Partner, you will be critical to this mission, but must be able to understand horse behavior and know that every time you receive a foster horse/burro you can expect some behaviors that could be considered undesirable. GEMS Branded Foster Partners have a support team of trainers, liaisons and guides to help navigate these waters.

Completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance as a foster home/parent. To be considered as a GEMS Branded Foster Partner, you must:
1. Be 21 years of age or older.
2. Have the ability to house, care for and be willing to spend the time necessary to provide proper care for the animal in which you foster.
3. Agree to the terms and conditions of fostering, at the end of this application.

As a Foster Partner in the GEMS Branded Equine Network, you will receive:

You will have a dedicated foster coordinator who will check in with you weekly. They will ask you for your needs in relation to farrier, feed, and anything else you need. You will be asked to provide any needed updates to your foster horse’s biography and photos. We do ask that every foster provide an updated photo of each horse at a minimum of once every week. GEMS Branded Foster Partners provide a support team of trainers, liaisons and guides to help navigate your foster Equine, ensuring that you never feel alone. We also have a closed FB group created just for GEMS Branded Foster Partners to collaborate, communicate and post  your weekly updates with photos of your foster.
GEMS Branded Foster Partners are encouraged to attend any of our clinics within the series and will receive a 25% discount on the participant fee.

In addition, the following expenses will also be covered:

+ GEMS will provide the Foster with a $150/month hay stipend per animal in Foster care, 
plus additional supplements, grain and/or medications.
+ GEMS will cover expenses associated with veterinarian, farrier or dental care for Foster Equine.
+ GEMS will supply a halter and lead rope, plus basic grooming supplies per Foster Equine.

Foster Partner Facility Requirements:

A GEMS Branded Foster Partner facility must be able to provide high quality grass hay, clean and fresh water, safe, adequate shelter and turnout area, as well as adequate, safe fencing. The following standards are required of all of our Branded Foster Partner facilities:
Fosters must have the time and resources to provide a foster equine with the care and attention it needs. Some fosters may require extra time commitments (as is the case with an emaciated or sick equine)

Because horses and burros are herd animals, we require that all Fosters be maintained with a companion animal, namely, another horse, burro, mule, pony or miniature horse.
If the animal is a female, it CAN NOT be kept with intact stallions or jacks.

Property must be zoned for equine and provide a suitable pasture or paddock space.
If pasture fed, there must be sufficient grazing of suitable grass and pasture plants that are well established.
Fosters must be provided with good quality feed, clean unfrozen water, appropriate shelter and housing that is cleaned on a regular basis and free of deep mud or manure.
The space that you will be bringing a foster animal to should be low stress and have adequate space for exercise, attention and socialization to maintain the animal’s health and happiness.

Corral fencing must be a minimum of 5 feet high and needs to be of solid construction and in good condition. Suitable material include wood, pipe, no-climb wire, or other equine type fence material…stranded wire fencing and/or t-posts are not permitted in corrals.
Pasture fencing must be a minimum of 4 feet high, and can not have more than 1 strand of barbed wire, must have a smooth wire top wire and t-posts should be capped for safety.
Electric fencing may be used in turnout pastures, but must be visible for horse/burros.
Other requirements will vary depending upon the specific needs of a given foster equine. Some animals, for example, will need a dedicated stall, a dry lot or, isolation from others, etc. We make every effort to match foster homes with an appropriate foster animal.
If you are a Wild/Untouched Foster, you will need to meet requirements to house and care for these Mustangs and Burros, including, 6 foot tall fencing in corrals or pen where the untouched equine will reside, plus an area to off-load a wild/untouched equine into your facility.

Property where an equine is to be housed must have adequate shelter from wind, rain, snow, and heat.
Shelters need to be constructed to provide sufficient space for each equine to turn around, lie down, move his/her head freely, 12‘x12’ is the minimum for the average 1,200 pound horse.
The shelter must be a minimum of a two-sided structure with a roof, well drained, adequately ventilated and accessible to the animal. The two sides need to block the prevailing winds and protect the major body of the animal.
Tarps are not acceptable.
If an equine is stalled or kept in a paddock, he or she must be turned out in a suitable pasture for a portion of the day, unless otherwise specified for injury recoveries.

We require all new GEMS Branded Foster Partners to attend a Basic Handling Clinic/Foster Orientation, provided at various times of the year through the Branded Program. We also encourage our Foster Partners to attend additional training clinics covering various topics related to horse/burro handling, care and training throughout the year.
Foster Partners should have basic supplies on hand, such as, a flat bottom feeder pan, water trough, hay, mineral block, fly prevention, first aid kit, etc.

If you are ready for this calling, please continue on and complete this foster application.

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