NCAE Survey on Worker Safety Precautions
NCAE members have been working hard in these very uncertain times, to protect their workers and themselves.  As guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has shifted as scientists have learned new information regarding the transmissibility of the Coronavirus, NCAE members have been early adopters of effective mitigation strategies.  NCAE members recognize the critical nature of feeding our nation while protecting worker safety.

Please consider taking this NCAE survey which should take just a few minutes to complete.  Your individual responses will remain confidential and discrete to NCAE.  Provided enough responses are received, the compiled responses will be used by NCAE leadership and management to respond to inquiries from media, government officials and others regarding the efforts being made to safeguard health.

Please respond by Friday, May 8, 2020.

Thank you for your time!  Stay well!
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Please check the items that your business has considered to enhance worker protection from aerosolized COVID-19 infection.
Have you, or the growers you work with, adjusted protocols to protect against harvest exposures to COVID-19?
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Have you, or the growers you work with, made mechanical adjustments to protect workers from harvest exposure to COVID-19?
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With regard to newly arriving workers have you or do you plan on implementing screening protocols?  If so, which of the following have you employed?
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What other operational changes have you made or witnessed being made to enhance worker protections from COVID-19?
What is your response to workers reporting being ill?
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