2019-2020 Innovation Grant Application
Program Overview:

We have made a few changes this year in hopes that our grants provide a larger impact throughout our district.

-We are awarding one "major" campus or department" grant of $15,000 (maximum) and multiple "mini" grants with a maximum of $1,000. (The number of smaller grants will be based upon funds available).

-Only one grant can be awarded per educator or administrator, however, there is no limit to the number of applications accepted.

-Major Grant: Grant minimum $5,000 - Maximum $15,000

-Mini Grant: Grant minimum: $250 - Maximum $1,000

-Grant must be spent before the end of the 2019-2020 academic year or money will be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS. All monies allocated will be swept from grant winners purchasing account in the GPS business office on the last day of the school year.

-Grants requests cannot be made for items already funded by the District.

-If the grant only covers a portion of the money needed, you must indicate where the balance of the funds will be secured if not already on hand.

-All applications must be approved/discussed with your principal or supervisor prior to submitting.

-All grants requesting technology will be reviewed by GPS Tech Services prior to award to ensure compatibility and compliance with GPS District technology policies.

-Any duplicate applications will be rejected. Please submit only ONE (1) application for a joint project.

-Grants are scored through a blind read by GEF Board members and volunteers. Grants can be scored a maximum of 100 points. The maximum points available for each question are shown at the end of the scored questions to help guide you. Questions with no points listed are for our information only but do not impact your overall grant score.

Grant Closing Date: November 20, 2019
Grant Award Winners Announcement: December 18, 2019

Questions: email: TheresaDootson@gefaz.org or call (480) 239.5117
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Applicants must be actively employed by GPS and in good standing.
By clicking yes below, this constitutes my/our signature and my/our agreement to the following conditions if I/we am/are awarded an Innovation Grant: Application must be submitted online and if I/we am/are awarded a grant I/we agree that I/we must submit a full budget for project/initiative and entire funding must be covered by this grant or if not, then additional funding must be secured or identified below. I/we further understand that grant dollars can be utilized for future programs, however procurement must be completed before end of 2019-2020 academic year or money will be forfeited and returned to GEF. Major grant requests can not be for more than $15,000 and not less than $5,000 total. Mini grant requests can not be for more than $1,000 and not less than $250 total. Any projects that need funding BEFORE January 2020 will not be evaluated. I/we agree that all materials, supplies, and equipment funded by this grant will become the property of the GPS district and not my/our personal property. I/we understand that I/we can submit multiple grant applications for our campus/department in the same academic year, however only one Major grant will be awarded per campus/department. (Multiple mini grants can be awarded on the same campus/department.) I/we agree to allow GPS and GEF to release my name as a Grant Award Winner and promote the Innovation Grant Program with photographs of myself, projects and students through social media, print or otherwise. I further agree that if any students do not have signed GPS media release from their parents I/we will make GEF aware of this prior to any photographs being taken. I understand that any non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the grant will render me/us ineligible for future grant applications. *
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PRIMARY CONTENT AREA: Choose one from the list below. Your project should align wth your school's curriculum. *
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ABSTRACT: Describe your project in a clear and concise manner, highlighting its compelling, creative, and/or unique aspects. (300 characters max). (10 Points Possible) *
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GOALS/OUTCOMES: List specific educational goals or outcomes expected for this project. (1,000 characters max) (20 Points Possible) *
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INNOVATION: Describe the innovative instructional methods, techniques, or technologies you plan to use to improve student learning. (1,000 characters max) (15 Points Possible) *
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EVALUATION: How will you measure success of the project? How will you know if your project goals indicated above were met? (1,000 characters max) (15 Points Possible) *
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PLEASE CHECK THE TYPE OF GRANT YOU ARE APPLYING FOR: Maxi Grant - Minimum $5,000/Maximum $15,000 or Mini Grant -Minimum $250/Maximum $1,000 and must cover all costs. No partial grants unless other funding is already in hand or identified. If the request exceeds does not meet the minimum/maximum for either type your application will be disqualified. *
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Please include complete list of equipment, fees, materials/supplies, transportation, etc. and dollar amounts for each for your project. Don't forget to estimate any shipping, taxes, etc. Also please check for any required purchases needed for a technology item and include them in your budget (i.e. apple care for any ipad, licensing for chrome book, etc.) . To find out more information on technology items please email: gpstech@gilbertschools.net for pricing, assistance and the tech department will help you ensure you ask for district compatible equipment.
Equipment: List all equipment below and enter dollar amount next to item if applicable. (enter n/a if not applicable) *
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Fees: List each fee below and enter dollar amount next to fee if applicable. (enter n/a if not applicable) *
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Materials/Supplies: List all materials and supplies below and enter dollar amount next to each item if applicable. (enter n/a if not applicable) *
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Other: List anything else that is not covered above, i.e. transportation, etc. below and enter dollar amount next to each item if applicable. (enter n/a if not applicable) *
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Write a short paragraph describing why you think you should be awarded this grant. How is your proposal unique, innovative or needed? Why did you choose this particular project ? (10 Points Possible) *
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