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Thank you for registering your interest to volunteer for Generation Mindset. We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about the importance of good mental health, enthusiastic about working with young people and are able to adapt to different working environments.

This form has five sections to complete:

Section 1 - Personal Details
Section 2 - Employment Information
Section 3 - Application Questions
Section 4 - References
Section 5 - Declarations

Please complete all sections of the application form. It is advised that you save all your responses in a Microsoft Word document for your own future reference.

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Additional information for applicants
Currently, our workshop volunteering opportunities* take place in:
- Essex
- South East London

*We do our best where possible to match our volunteers to opportunities which are of a reasonable travelling distance away from where the volunteer is based.

Successful applicants will receive relevant training on workshop delivery and mental health before starting.
Section 1 - Personal Details
First Name *
Surname *
Gender *
Date of Birth *
Applicants must be aged 18 or over to apply
Email Address *
Phone Number *
Town of residence *
Please state the town of residence where you are based. This allows the Generation Mindset team to identify volunteer opportunities near you, should your application be successful.
How did you hear about Generation Mindset? *
Section 2 - Employment Information
This provides context to the Generation Mindset team about the time commitments you may currently have
Employment Status *
Industry *
Please indicate the sector that you currently work/study in. If this is not applicable, write N/A
In a given week, please indicate which days of the week you are most likely to be able to volunteer on. Please tick all that apply.
Flexibility *
Please indicate how flexible your time is to volunteer with Generation Mindset. Indicators include: ability to take time off work or work around prior commitments and ability to give more than a weeks notice if you can make a session. This allows the Generation Mindset team to take into consideration opportunities that would be most appropriate for you, should you be successful
Not flexible
Very flexible
Section 3 - Application Questions
The application questions here relate to the volunteer role of Workshop Volunteer:

Workshop volunteers for the organisation will be assisting in the delivery of Gen M workshops run in schools. Such workshops are the first opportunity to have a positive impact on students, empowering them to take strategies to manage their mental well-being. Gen M is looking for volunteers who are passionate about the importance of good mental health, enthusiastic about working with young people and are able to adapt to different working environments. Volunteers will have the opportunity to further develop public speaking skills and learn how to deliver engaging and impactful workshops to empower young people.

Responsibilities and duties

- Delivering parts of the workshop sessions which inform, identify and equip students with practical information and strategies that can be used to maintain a healthy mental wellbeing
- Observation of Gen M workshops to record qualitative data to assess the impact of the workshop
- Collection of quantitative data through student and teacher feedback forms from workshops
- Write engaging articles for the Gen M website that reflect on the impact that the workshops and programme have had on the students, school staff and volunteers who are involved
- Assist in the creation of interactive workshop content and activities

Prior experience required

Position details
- Workshops require a half day or full day commitment
- Attendance of staff training on workshop delivery is compulsory
Q1) Please tell us why you would like to volunteer for Generation Mindset *
(100-200 words)
Q2) Please tell us about previous volunteering and/or work experience that you have which is relevant to the role *
(200-300 words)
Q3) Please give details of any training, qualifications and/or skills that you have which are relevant to the role *
(200-300 words)
Section 4 - References
Name of referee 1 *
Relationship to you *
Your referee should not be a family member or relative
Organisation *
If this is not applicable, type N/A in this field
Phone number *
Email address *
Section 5 - Declarations
Do you have a valid DBS check? *
All volunteers for Generation Mindset are required to have an enhanced DBS check as our work involves working with vulnerable children. If you do not have a valid DBS, Generation Mindset will conduct a DBS check on your behalf. DBS checks are free for volunteers. You will be required to send a scanned copy of your DBS certificate to the Generation Mindset team, should your application be successful.
Do you have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings that are not "protected" as defined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (as amended in 2013)? *
This information will be treated with the utmost confidence and does not necessarily prevent you from volunteering with Generation Mindset. If you ticked yes, a member of our team will contact you to discuss this further.
I hereby declare that all information submitted in this application form is correct and accurate at the time of writing. *
By completing and submitting this form, I consent to Generation Mindset processing and storing the data in accordance to GDPR. *
Thank you for completing the volunteer application form
All applicants will be contacted via email by the Generation Mindset team on the outcome of their written application. Successful candidates will be invited to a telephone interview.

For any further enquires, email
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