Massed Choir at Make Music Madison 2015

On Sunday, June 21, Madison will be filled with music of all kind, created by and for everybody, thanks to Make Music Madison, a community tour-de-force in its third year.

Choral music has always been an important part of Madison's rich tapestry. Let's join together and sing as a massed choir! Whether you are a church choir singer, a seasoned chorister, or someone who's been wanting to pick up choral music again — lend your voice for this massive fun!

The performance will take place on June 21, 2:00pm, at the Edgewater Hotel Plaza. We will be singing: “Dona nobis pacem” from Bach's Mass in B minor; “Joyful Joyful”; and the world premiere of "In Summer" by award-winning composer Scott Gendel!

Please provide your contact info below. Even though voting for pieces have finished, please provide your preference nonetheless for future planning purpose.

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    Handel “Halleluia” (from Messiah)
    Beethoven "Ode to Joy" (from Symphony No. 9)
    Morley "Now is the month of maying"
    Purcell "Come, ye sons of art"
    Bach "Dona nobis pacem" (from Mass in B minor)
    "On Wisconsin"
    Delius "To be sung of a summer night over the water (I)"
    Elgar "As torrents in summer"
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