Carnevale Beta Rules 3.0 Feedback
Welcome to the brand new world of Carnevale! We've made some changes to how the game works, and we'd like to hear what you think. If you can spare a few minutes, your feedback will help to shape the direction of the game, and make this the best* version of Venice we can make!

*"Best" is a relative term in the world of Carnevale.

Have you played Carnevale before this beta?
How many games of this beta have you played?
How would you rate this beta overall?
Which factions did you try?
How would you rate the clarity of rules?
Easy to understand
How balanced were the factions?
Not balanced
Completely equal
How would you describe the pace of the game?
Did you enjoy the game?
Not at all
Very much
Is there any additional feedback you'd like to give?
Your answer
Thank you for your help!
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