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Thank you for your submission to the Standards Steering Committee. We appreciate the time you have taken to suggest a topic that is clearly of interest to you and your AV colleagues. The committee gives thoughtful consideration to each new proposal. It may take several months to review the proposal, research the topic if it initially fits into the overarching strategy of the association, run the topic through a scorecard to determine its rank among the topics already identified as an industry need, and then formulate a response to the submitter. This process can take up to 120 days to complete. Determination by the committee of the suitability of the topic at this time does not preclude consideration at a future time. Please remember that your submission is one of many, and the committee must prioritize development based on several agreed-upon criteria. Your submission is greatly valued, regardless of the committee’s decision. Thank you for your patience.
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Please briefly describe who will benefit from the output of this project.
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Please provide an abstract. Here is a sample: "This standard will provide requirements for performance of an AV system as it relates to acoustical noise (HVAC or other fan noise, standing waves, etc.) It will not address AV system noise that would be emanating (any hum or hissing coming) from the system."
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Which other organizations or groups are working in this area and might be contacted to improve the outcome of this project?
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Which other standards bodies might be working on this topic? (ISO, IEC, DIN, BSI, BIS, SA)
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