SGIM's partnering Trusted Advisors
At SGIM, our partnering advisors comes from the perspective of buyers. Hence, most mommies feedback that they behave more like insurance brokers. Insurance brokers study the market, get quotes, and share options for clients to choose from. Our partnering advisors can compare almost all of the products of insurance companies in Singapore.

Some reasons you may want to use our advisors include:

- They save you time and do all the research for you. They find insurance companies and policies that fit your Budget and needs;

- Some mommies might have bought policies that are inefficient. Our partnering advisors can provide an unbiased view, identify dead assets and optimise the value of them;

- Our partnering Advisors can provide access to policies from numerous insurance companies, and can offer you multiple options with different price points;

- By comparing multiple quotes, you may be able to find the same or better coverage at a lower cost;

- Our partnering advisors are licensed and experienced professionals who provide the advice you need to make the best choice; and

- Our Advisors can provide for all of your insurance needs from home and car insurance to life insurance, health insurance and more.
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