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One of our large focuses this year is private stage startup compensation. We're hoping to make this much more transparent for job seekers in an effort to get more people to consider startups for their career.
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This will not be shown on our site. We use this to find out funding stage and other information about the company for better aggregations.
Optional if no leveling scheme is in place yet
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Focus Tag
For example 'Web Development' for a 'Software Engineer' title
Total Yearly Compensation *
This should just be base salary + any bonus (but not including equity)
Base Salary (USD)
Equity Percentage
(Your number of shares / Total outstanding shares) x 100. If you don't know the total number of outstanding shares issued, ask the company to get this information.
Bonus (USD)
Other details
Company Funding Stage
If you know what stage your company is at (ie Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, etc)
Company Headcount
How many employees does the company have currently (can be rough estimate)
Company Revenue
If you know of any revenue figures, it'd help us with our aggregation
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