Fall 2019 Student Success Breakfast Series
We are glad you are interested in the fall 2019 Student Success Series. These one hour workshops will take a deep dive into topics around personal, academic and professional wellness. Attending one or more workshops is a productive way to spend a Friday morning and help you develop healthy habits for success in graduate school and beyond. We encourage participation in multiple sessions, but you are not required to attend more than one. Full breakfast and coffee/tea/juice will be provided at each session, so please come hungry!
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Session Descriptions
October 4: Stressed? Underwater with work? Join Digital Learning and Inquiry's Bob Cole for a participatory design workshop on the theme of wellness and self care. During this session, Bob will provide an intro to collective creativity practices and guide small groups to generate actionable ideas to help us respond individually and mutually to common barriers to personal wellness. More about Create-a-Thons https://handbook.floeproject.org/Create-a-Thon.html.

October 11: Join Grace O’Dell for a workshop on planning and decision-making. Learn more about how our brains work, add structure to our priorities, and uncover our passions to set goals, develop good habits, and take charge over semester and year ahead.

October 25: Wellbeing during graduate school (and beyond!) is made up of small choices and habits that stack up to create a life that feels balanced and sustainable. In this interactive session, take time to determine your individual needs and priorities, and receive support in committing to your own simple steps toward greater whole-person wellbeing.

November 1: As you may have heard, grad school can be stressful! While our habit might be to avoid or ignore stress, what can actually help is to look closer: to acknowledge what’s going on with curiosity, acceptance, and self-compassion. In this interactive session, take a little time for meditation and reflection, learn about mindfulness, and share strategies for responding to stressors in healthy and sustainable ways.
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