Startup Tycoon
E-Summit 2019 ( 15th Feb to 17th Feb)

Team members - Maximum 3 and Minimum 1

The participants will be shown with various cards, each of them having 4 skillsets, with variable values.
The participants must bid for getting the card that they desire.

Once everyone receives their card, the game begins. In each round of the game, a task will be given,
which can be accepted only if the participant has the minimum skillset demanded by the task. Those
eligible participants can bid with each other to acquire the task. Profit obtained is the difference
between the amount offered by the task and the bid price. Once a team acquires a task, they won’t be
allowed to participate in the next round(1 round gets skipped).

In case if a participant isn’t eligible for bidding, he can choose to develop his skillset. This involves paying
a certain amount at the workshop and increasing a certain skillset by 1. The participant won’t be able to
participate in the next round in this case. Skillset can also be increased by 2, in this case the participant
losses 2 rounds.

The participant can also choose to sit idle according to his wish.

After a certain number of rounds, the participant with maximum value of sum of capital and skillset(The
skillset is normalised according to a standard value and added to capital) is declared as the winner.
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