Stream Application
Thank you for considering joining Grow uP eSports as a streamer!

We'd like to point out that through our association you can benefit from several tools and aditional exposure that will allow you to achieve greater growth and success as a streamer, while representing our group!

As a side note, success depends largely on the streamer and his or her proactivity, since those who integrate and contribute towards the community always enjoy more and better conditions!

Good luck, we hope we can count on you for us to grow together!

Mandatory Requirements
- Minimum of 3 times per week
- Total of 12 hours per week

- 250+ followers
- 5000+ views

- 1080p with 1.75x downscale ( 1096 x 616 ) at 30 Fps, with 1200 de bitrate
- None or Low dropped framerate

- Microphone

- It is not allowed to criticize other streamers or organizations
- Compliance with Twitch's rules of conduct -

- Avoid excessive use of vulgar language and a negative or conflicting interaction with viewers

- 1 month of inactivity without prior notice will result in removal from the streaming group

- Portuguese ( Portugal / Brazil ) or English, by the streamer's preference

Viewer Bots
- Services or programs to artificially increase the number of viewers are not allowed

- Own partnerships are allowed, however streamers must include Grow uP eSports partnerships in the stream panels
- Other stream groups are allowed, as long as Grow uP eSports group remains the main one

- Consecutive 3-month minimum of activity
- Arhive Broadcasts enabled, so that we can analyze your previous transmissions

Preferred Requirements
Members / Associates
- Already being a member of the Grow uP eSports community
- Knowing someone in the community
- Associates have inactivity tolerance while keeping quotas up to date

- Content creators from platforms other than Twitch can be considered based on their statistics

- Webcam

- A functional stream overlay
- Stream panels with adequate descriptions

- Concern to consistently host other streams sharing the same language and content

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