ARHA House League Return to Play Survey
As described in our recent letter, if things continue to be stable with Stage 3 in Toronto, we may be able to organize our House League into cohorts of 18-20 kids each (based on age) and run on-ice programming for those cohorts. The most likely scenario we are seeing would be weekly 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 scrimmages within the cohort, until at least the December break - basically, the cohort would come to the rink (and only one cohort at a time) to play as a group.
How likely would you be to register your child with ARHA for a cohort-based on-ice House League experience this season?
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Keeping in mind that we cannot guarantee the membership of each cohort, which one of the following methods seems the most viable to you?
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In order to have a successful cohort-based program, we would be very dependent on parents volunteering as cohort leads (basically, the equivalent of volunteer coaches). What is the likelihood of your willingness to volunteer to help as a cohort lead or co-lead?
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Please indicate your child's (children's) grades
Please feel free to provide us with any further thoughts.
Thank you for giving us your feedback
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