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NHSEBBridge Pilot Program, 2020-2021
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Welcome to NHSEBBridge.
Our new pilot program will bring together first-year High School Ethics Bowl teams from those places across the country where NHSEB Regional Bowls do not yet exist. Those first-year teams are invited to participate in a new, borderless Regional Ethics Bowl administered by the Parr Center in collaboration with NHSEB organizers and experts from across the country. This event, scheduled for December 5, 2020, will be conducted virtually using NHSEB's new web platform, currently under development. Participating schools will be provided with a tailored experience for students and coaches who are new to the activity—with the additional provision of training, orientation, and formative feedback along the way. We have integrated Bridge with a service learning course at UNC which makes available our undergraduates to coach participants (both students and teachers) on moral theory, ethical reasoning, argument construction, bowl mechanics, etc., in a series of virtually conducted 1:1 site visits.
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In addition to the personalized coaching assistance NHSEBBridge teams will receive, we'll soon be rolling out our new NHSEBAcademy program to provide training, preparation, and continuous improvement resources to teams, coaches, and judges across the country. What resources could the Parr Center provide to assist you with ethics bowl this year?
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What questions or concerns do you have for us regarding NHSEBBridge and/or the 2020-2021 NHSEB season generally?
We'll do our best to answer your questions and respond to your concerns as we plan for the coming season. Please feel free to follow up with us on this front at any time at
NHSEBBridge is the product of a collaboration between the National High School Ethics Bowl (based at the Parr Center for Ethics) and the Department of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.
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