Leadership Summit: Dialogues on Racism - Student Registration
April 7th - Millersville University
8:30-1:30pm (Registration & Breakfast begins at 8:00)

The Leadership Summits are designed to create meaningful dialogue and action plans to impact our schools and communities. Students, grades 8-12, will work to develop a deep understanding of relevant cultural issues and be provided resources to receive additional training or to take guided action on their own.

This year the Leadership Summit's focus is on Race. Matters of Race have been a growing issue both locally and nationally.

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Breakout Session 2 Options
One of the breakout sessions you will have a choice of various types of ways to continue to have dialogues on race. Below are the session descriptions. Please rank order your preference. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Listening Party (Full as of May 13th)
Sometimes, its hard to put into words what we are feeling, but a particular song or music captures those feelings. In this session we will spend time listening, interpolating, and analyzing music and our feelings about issues of racism and oppression.

Engage U! Theater for Transformation:
The hour-long EngageU! Session uses ideas from Theater of the Oppressed to engage young people in the power of performance. Participants will create their own short, interactive performance pieces on the topic of race while exploring their own potential to effect change.

Writing Circle:
The "Writing Circle" can be a healing activity, giving voice to the writers' experiences and helping to transform personal pain into public and communal expressions of perseverance and strength. Participants are given the opportunity to write and share pieces of their life stories in order to see with greater awareness where they have been, where they are, where they hope to be, and who they hope to become.

Expression Through Color:
Most artists have a vision that they need to express. Participants will talk about racism, not in the context of representational images, but from the inside out, trying, to express their inner emotions through the painting process. You will select a specific emotion that is connected with one aspect of racism and match it with one to three colors and paint an emotional response. This will allow you to understand and be aware of how art can tell a story in addition to expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Common Ground for Action:
Discuss with your fellow youth how you can can take an active stand against racism in your community.

Race and the Media
Attend this session to engage with your local newspaper on race and other current social issues. Students will explore and considering race through the prisms of Twitter, Tumblr, and various forms of social media.

History of Race Relations in Lancaster
Come learn the history of African Americans in Lancaster, from the early arrival, to African American participation in civil war, and movements in the 1940's and 1950's. Delivered by Retired Police Officer Wilson, this session will include the civic rights movements of the 60's and 70's in Lancaster from a historical and personal perspective.

Examining Race Through Cultural Lens
Did you know not all cultures around the world view race the same way? Various aspects of our social environment are used to communicate values and norms and create a context that prescribes successful living within that culture. Utilizing hands-on activities, this session will explore cultural racism.

Breakout Session 1: Deconstructing Race
Every student will participate in small group discussions facilitated by adults trained in anti-racism work by the YWCA and Roots for Justice. The facilitators will support and guide students through conversations about their understand of race, examining these cultural constructs, and developing self awareness about their individual identity.
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Listening Party! (Full as of May 13th)
EngageU! Theater for Transformation
Writing Circle
Expression Through Color
Common Ground for Action
Race and the Media
History of Race Relations in Lancaster
Examining Race through Cultural Lens
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