Developmental Therapy Associates Caregiver Questionnaire
Thank you for your input!
How important is caregiver education in collaboration with the therapist for you?
Very uninmportant
Very important
Importance Level
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How satisfied are you with the current caregiver education provided (handouts, therapist interaction, website, etc.)?
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
Satisfaction Level
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How would you like caregiver education to be improved?
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Have you ever received a caregiver handout from a therapist?
Clear selection
If you have received a handout, which handout did you find the most helpful?
How would you like caregiver handouts to be improved?
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What do you think about the 10 minutes of therapist/caregiver education at the end of each therapy session?
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Do you have any suggestions for caregiver education moving forward?
Would you be interested in DTA posting blogs written by the therapists?
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How often do you visit our social media sites (Instagram and Facebook)?
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Have you visited our new website? If no, please check it out!
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Are there any future changes at DTA that you would like to see?
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