Richmond Opening School Survey
Our Opening School Survey is a chance for parents/ guardians to communicate your family's needs with us. This survey should take no longer than 10 minutes. Your input will be used to plan for the coming year. Thank you for taking the time to help us understand your family's needs.
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What is your name? (Last Name, First Name)
What is your primary role at Richmond Elementary?
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How many children do you currently have attending Richmond School?
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Three or more children
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In which grade span is your child/ children? Click all that apply.
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After reading today's Wednesday Update, how likely is your child going to participate in on-campus instruction beginning August 19th?
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On campus school will look different this year. What should we know in order to help and support your child/ family when we return to campus in August?
If we are required to resume distance learning at any point during the school year, what should we know about your child/ children and distance learning?
Will you need to check out a Chrome book for your child/ children if we are required to return to distance learning?
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If we are required to return to distance learning, does child/ children have access to the internet?
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If we are required to resume distance learning, is child care a concern for you?
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Would you like us to share your contact information with other Richmond parents who wish to coordinate childcare with others in your grade span, if we need to return to distance learning again?
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In regards to your child/ children's learning and development progress, what are some concerns you have?
In regards to your child/ children's social-emotional well being, what are some concerns you have?
Do you plan to pack your child/ Children's lunch or have them eat meals prepared by the school?
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Is there anything you feel like we should know to help us assist your child in having supportive school year? Please feel free to tell us here.
I would like for the new Superintendent/ Principal to call me as soon as possible to discuss an immediate concern I have.
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