First, we would like to say thank you for choosing us. For your information, our instructor will guide you for the entire course and normally will spend longer hours for those student with zero knowledge in coffee without further charge as long as you are comfortable with the long training hours. Our class will start at 10.00 am for both day and probably will end at 5.30 pm.

1. 99% successful rate of student for able to pour "Tulip Latte Art" within 2 days.
2. Zero to Hero @ Without coffee knowledge still welcome to join the Barista Pro workshop.
3. Large number of Barista Pro Graduates after attending the class had kicked start their cafe business or get a
Barista Job in Malaysia or overseas.
4. Have the largest number of Barista graduates in Malaysia.

<<Barista Pro Graduate Route Map>>
1. Become Big Three Coffee Kiosk Operator (Food Panda)
2. Open Own Cafe
3. Become Barista Trainer/ Influencer
4. Become Big Three Coffee Kiosk Operator
5. Further study in Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Diploma and become SCA Authorize Trainer like us
6. Further study in our collaboration coffee course with Chartered Institute Marketing (CIM) or Chartered
International Management Accounting (CIMA) program.

<<Course Content>>
1. Coffee Theory & Flavor Wheels
2. Different Types of Coffee Beans & Processing Method
3. Coffee Grinding, Dosing & Tamping
4. Barista Skills
5. Blindfolding Froth Milk Techniques
6. Differentiate Water Quality
7. Differentiate Milk Quality
8. Espresso Split Brew
9. Coffee Menu & Secret Recipe
10. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine Vs Level Machine
11. Latte Art
12. Coffee Roasting
13. Coffee Cupping & Sensory
14. Hand Pour Coffee
15. Explain Commercial Espresso Machine Layout and Design
16. Work-space Management
17. Financial Management
18. Big Three Matrix

<<Course Fees>>
Barista Pro
Fees: RM985 (3 Days)

Barista Pro Double Certificate (Barista Pro and SCA Barista Skills Foundation Certificate)
Fees: RM1298 (4 Days)

<<Venue & Time >>
Big Three Academy (Puchong)
10.00 am - 5.30 pm

All transfers must be in Ringgit Malaysia. In order to secure your registration, FULL PAYMENT need to be made within 2 WORKING DAYS after registration.
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