CMDS Mediation Feedback Form
Your feedback is very important as it will tell us what we are doing well, but also, and most importantly, where we need to improve. We also use your feedback to gather our clients’ views about the mediation process and may use it, anonymously, for testimonials. If you require a Word document format, please request this by sending an email to
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3a. Please tell us how you felt about our administrative process and appointment arrangements
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3b. Did you feel comfortable on the day?
Basically, were you happy with things like the mediation room/venue, breaks, and refreshments?
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4. Did you find the pre-mediation information and contact with the mediator useful and sufficient?
This includes the Agreement to Mediate that you signed and information about our fees
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5. At the beginning of the mediation, did you feel that the mediator was prepared?
6. At the end of the mediation, did you feel that the mediator understood your dispute and position?
7. During the mediation, did you feel that your views were heard by the other side and the mediator, well enough?
8. Was the mediator in control of the mediation and the emotions in the room?
9. Overall, how satisfied were you with the mediator?
10. What impressed you about this mediator?
Essentially, how would you describe this mediator to someone else if you were asked to recommend him or her
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11. Would you recommend this mediator to someone else?
12. Would you recommend mediation to someone else in dispute?
13. If you answered 'No' in question 11, please tell us why
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14. What do you think we should do to improve our service?
Please feel free to offer any suggestion, it may well prove to be the best improvement to our service
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