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Pricing and ordering information below assumes you already know which tornado shelter model and size you want.  To learn more about which storm shelter is right for you, start at the home and scroll down to the type best suited for you needs: http://huntsvilletornadoshelters.com 

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Installation Time Frames
Installation of All Underground Storm Shelters can usually be completed in 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the storm shelter.  

Be advised, this is a major excavation and  significant skill, labor and machinery is required to complete the job, even though it can be completed in as little as 2 hours but it is a big job that creates a big hole and lots of dirt.

Safe Rooms can be installed usually within an hour or less.
Delivery Time frames
Due to the incredibly high demand for our storm shelters and safe rooms, we are unable to quote exact time frames for the delivery of orders.  

During periods of heightened demand, you may experience delays in getting your storm shelter or safe room, however we will do everything we can to get your shelter or safe room installed for you as soon as we possibly can.  Orders are placed and shelters /safe rooms are installed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Once your storm shelter or safe room has been delivered to our Huntsville facility, at that time we will contact you to schedule your storm shelter or safe room install.

Also be advised that weather conditions can potentially dramatically affect and impact install time frames for underground storm shelters even days after a heavy rain

(When we're digging 6-8 feet below the surface, it can take a few days for that rain to filter through, worse in colder months; we do our best to ensure the least impact to your yard and property but it is a major excavation and we are moving a lot of dirt)
Normal Pricing (includes purchase, taxes and install within 35 miles of Huntsville, AL; for locations outside of Huntsville, AL select milage down below in CALCULATING FINAL PRICE)

- Good rule of thumb for sizing how large a unit you need is 5sq ft per person, ie, 4x8 = 32sq ft, good for about 6-7 adults; 3x5 = 15sq ft, good for about 3 adults (standing) per FEMA guidelines

- Deluxe Models include thicker steel (1/4" vs 3/16" on walls & ceiling; door always 1/4" thick) AND 3 Medeco Deadbolts (vs 1 Medeco keyed-deadbolt and 2 3/4" slider pins on standard model)

- 3 Medeco deadbolts also now available as option on Standard Model (just add $250)

- Bench option available for $350 OR Gunsafe Safe-room option for $750 upgrade

- Exterior Model for installation outdoors in the elements with gable roof $700 upgrade (assumes compatible existing slab; forming/pouring of new concrete slab not included in price)

All Weather Safe Rooms

*** Due to market conditions, please call for pricing information: (256) 258-WIND (9463) ***

             3x5: $_______ Installed        4x4: $_______ Installed               4x6: $_______ Installed

             3x7: $_______ Installed        4x5: $_______ Installed               4x8: $_______ Installed

            4x10: $_______ Installed       5x8: $_______ Installed               6x8: $_______ Installed

NOTE: We can custom-build any safe room size, but the quickest safe rooms to be built/delivered/installed are 3x5, 4x6, 4x8 standard units; adding a bench or gun safe to a safe room or any other custom feature may dramatically increase the time it takes to build and ship a safe room due to the manufacturer's setup at this time, which is outside of our control.
Safe Room size desired:
If safe room, which type?
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Other Safe Room options, specs or special requests:
(ex: if larger than 4x4, indicate door position & which wall, ie, narrow side on left; bench or gun safe option?  Exterior model option? - see above for more details)
Normal Pricing (includes purchase, taxes and install within 35 miles of Huntsville, AL); see below for calculating mileage further out than 35 miles.

*** Due to market conditions, please call for pricing information: (256) 258-WIND (9463) ***

           Lifesaver Storm Shelters                 Lifeguard Storm Shelter  $_______ installed

              LS-4:   $_______ Installed                                  
              LS-6:   $_______ Installed                            
              LS-8:   $_______ Installed                              
              LS-8 Hillside: $_______ Installed                  
              LS-10: $_______ Installed                            
              LS-12: $_______ Installed
              LS-20: $_______ Installed    

Note: We have an underground storm shelter model for installation under your existing garage floor called Lifeguard; however if you have concerns about potentially dangerous and life threatening carbon monoxide poisoning (from vehicle exhaust, broken gas lines, malfunctioning gas water heaters, etc), or being trapped under debris, you may also want to consider a tornado safe room like our All Weather Safe Room (see options in Safe Room section above)
If Underground Storm Shelter purchase:
Other potential underground storm shelter installation issues:
Please list any other concerns you have regarding installation, ie, less than 8-foot wide access to install site, low overhead clearance, septic fill lines or other utility lines in vicinity, flood-prone area, solid rock, etc
Calculating Your Final Price
To calculate your total price, simply add the price of the safe room or shelter you selected to the shipping cost for your location (based on mileage selected below) along with any additional options:  

 Ex: $4500 Lifesaver (LS-4)                                        Ex: $6,500 All Weather Safe Room (4'x8')
     +$300 shipping (within 100 miles of Hsv)                      +$300 shipping (within 65 miles)                                    
    = $4800 TOTAL                                                                    +$750 Built-in Gun-Safe Option                                                                                                                
                                                                                                    +$1000 Deluxe Model Option                                                                                                          
                                                                                                   = $8550 TOTAL
Your Approx Distance From Huntsville, AL*: *
How to Complete Your Order Request
Once you have double-checked your figures and options, you are ready to hit the submit button down below.  

Once we receive your form we will write up the official contract and send it to you via the email address you entered on this form (or contact you to confirm details if necessary).  The email will include further instructions, including the amount of the deposit required to place your order (1/3 of total cost).  

Once we recieve your signed paperwork and deposit payment, we will place your order in the system to reserve your order placement.  

Once your storm shelter or safe room has been built, shipped and has arrived in Huntsville for final delivery and installation, we will give you a call to schedule the actual install.  Then, upon completion of the install, we will collect your remaining 2/3 funds to complete your order and provide you with the warranty paperwork.

*Note: Until your contract is signed, shipping costs are subject to change based on the rising costs of fuel, etc

If you have any further questions or comments, please make them in the field below.  Order forms are written up in the order they are received and will be processed as soon as possible.  If you have any additional questions you can CONTACT US HERE or call us at (256) 258-WIND (9463).  

Thank you for your order!  We appreciate you and will be in contact as soon as possible.
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