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Thank you for your interest in the Equal Access Clinic Network's Research Initiatives!

Below are a listing of different research categories. Each of these research categories have a number of studies that are being developed. To give you a better idea of the types of projects encompassed in each category, I laid out some big focus points for each category's research efforts in parenthesis.

Please be careful to select only one category for each ranking. 1 = Most Interested to 9 = Least Interested

If you wanted to share some more specific ideas after ranking the research categories, feel free to expand on those ideas in the comment section below.

- Ajay Mittal (ajaymittal@ufl.edu) & Hunter Futch (hsfutch@ufl.edu)
Chairs of Research & Metrics, Equal Access

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Improving Clinic Operations (Follow Up, Clinic Flow, Tracking Labs, Collaborating with Other COMs, etc.)
Increasing Access to Healthcare (Community Awareness + Outreach at GRACE, Patient Education, Nutrition, Substance Abuse, etc.)
Addressing Mental Health in Our Community (New Screenings in Clinic, Better Referral System to Therapy Nights, etc.)
Women's Health (LARC, Birth Control, Improved Screening Questions, etc.)
Expanding Language Services (Medical Spanish Certification Program, etc.)
Innovative Ways of Delivering Healthcare (Telemedicine, Machine Learning (AI), Radiology Clinic, etc.)
Pediatrics (Pediatrics Night, Community Outreach at Schools, etc.)
Improving Our Specialty Clinics (Ophthalmology, Dental, Women's Night, Therapy, etc.)
Longitudinal Studies (Patient Reported Outcomes, Cost-Analysis/ROI, Tracking Patient Health, etc.)
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