Rate a Movie based on its Racial Diversity
Hey, we're doing some super early testing of the rating scale for Incluvie! The goal of Incluvie is to encourage diversity in Hollywood movies so that more love, understanding, and respect amongst races can happen in real life :) http://incluvie.com

Please choose a movie and rate it based on whether it celebrates, shames, or ignores diversity.

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Things to Consider
Ratings Scale:
A rating of +5 means that the movie really promotes and celebrates diversity in a wholesome way
A rating of 0 means that that the movie doesn't encourage diversity, but isn't racially biased in a negative way either. The movie features a typical cast
A rating of -5 means that the movie features a typical cast and is outright hateful of diversity
When you evaluate the movie, consider both an element of representation and racial bias.

Representation (%)
How many of the main characters are played by diverse actors, and how many are played by typical actors?
In Hollywood movies, minorities are underrepresented in lead roles. Another way of looking at this is that white actors are overrepresented in lead roles. Maybe if Hollywood shares the limelight a little bit more, people would be able to understand and see each other more clearly

Racial Bias (+ or -)
Are minorities shown in a good way or bad way? In a complex way or shallow way? As a whole person or as a stereotype? This is your opinion!

Code Words (irony intended):
Diversity: someone from an underrepresented ethnicity (black, asian, latino, native american, mixed, etc)
Typical: someone from an overrepresented ethnicity (white)

Thanks for your opinions! Feel free to try out a few more or share this with friends :)
You guys are awesome!
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