MBA Questionnaire. The Hague University (The Netherlands).
This questionnaire is TOTALLY ANONYMOUS and it is designed to be completed in LESS THAN 5 MIN.
Confirmation that you are a successful vendor on Amazon. *
Which is the primary market in which you are selling?
Do you sell your own private label or an existing brand?
Regarding FBA or FBM, Which do you prefer?
When selling a product, what do you prefer?
Regarding the age of the potential customers, which age range do you think is more profitable?
Which class of customers do you prefer to sell?
Regarding factors, such as nationality or culture?
Which factor would you say is more important, price or quality?
In the case that two vendors sell the same product, how important is price?
Price, number of sales, and margin per unit:
Using Facebook and/or my own website to advertise my product:
Positive reviews:
Negative reviews:
Regarding loyalty, what do you prefer?
When you write the information about your product on Amazon, do you appeal to the emotional side of the client?
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