Volunteer Log
Please fill in this information as soon as you arrive at STARBASE! If you have been here before, you only need to do the required questions.
At which site are you volunteering?
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Please select the option containing today's date.
Call Sign
You can make up your own or let the students choose it for you. Your call sign should tell us something about your personality.
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Type of volunteer
Check off the category that best applies to you.
What group, if any, are you volunteering through?
Military rank (if applicable)
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How many hours will you be volunteering today?
Choose 5 hours if you will be here the entire time students are attending. Choose 5 if you will be here the entire day.
Description of job
If you are currently a student, describe what you are studying to do after high school or college
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How does what you do relate to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)?
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What motivates you?
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What do you do for fun outside of your career or school?
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Why do you think STARBASE is important for the students?
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Any advice for our STARBASE students?
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Are you interested in volunteering with our after school program, STARBASE 2.0?
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