2019 South Texas NCS State Cup - Club Pass Request
Prior to making your Club Pass requests for the South Texas NCS State Cup Finals weekend, please review the Club Pass FAQ's posted on the South Texas NCS State Cup webpage: http://www.stxsoccer.org/state_cup/

Each team MUST keep a roster consistency of nine (9) players from the competition roster freeze date. The total number of players listed on the NCS State Cup game-day roster (inclusive of club pass players) must remain within the roster limits for your age group. 11U-12U: sixteen (16) players. 13U-15U: eighteen (18) players, 16U-19U: twenty-two (22) players.

Please submit your Club Pass request below. The South Texas State Office will make all the necessary adjustments to your game-day roster. Please remember we are not altering your official state roster, we are simply altering your South Texas NCS State Cup "Game-day" roster (your roster specific to the NCS State Cup competition). If you do not know the players' GotSoccer ID numbers, please contact your club/association registrar. Information on the player must be filled out in entirety.

ONLY one (1) request per submission. If you have multiple Club Pass requests, please submit a new form for each player.

Submissions must be complete by 5:00pm on Monday, May 20th. Any submissions received after the specified deadline will not be accepted.

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