LA Eco-Village Food Lobby Membership
Before you sign up, we HIGHLY SUGGEST you take a visit the co-op during operational hours on SATURDAYS 2:00-4:00PM (117 S. Bimini Pl., Koreatown, 90004) to chat with a working member and get the lay of the land. Keep in mind that the EcoVillage is a residence, so we trust you will respect the property and FoodLobby rules.

Filling out this form confirms you and/or your household want to be part of the food lobby and can work (or share) a 1-2 hour shift about every 6 weeks (ie. veggie sorting, bulk room, admin task). As a member, you can order weekly produce boxes, shop in the bulk room and order monthly from using the EvoVillage as your drop-off point. The co-op is entirely volunteer-run, so we rely on members to hold workshifts.

Once you fill out this form, the Member Coordinator will email you with rules & instructions to get started. If you have additional questions before signing up, please email You can also read MEMBER GUIDE PDF:

Keep in mind that the *Food Co-op is operational on Saturday afternoons ONLY*. If you are generally unavailable on Saturdays for bulk shopping, picking up produce or to work a shift, we may not be able to accommodate your membership at this time.

Thanks for signing up, and we look forward to having you in our food lobby!

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