Informal survey of Canadian Atlantic mackerel commercial, recreational and bait fishers
I am a post-doctoral researcher from Belgium working in Canada on northwest Atlantic mackerel, together with scientists at the Maurice-Lamontagne Institute (DFO). In order to better estimate the size of the Canadian mackerel stock, I would like to have first-hand experiences of commercial, recreational and bait mackerel fishers on their activities. With better estimates of the mackerel stock size and its productivity I hope to be able to provide better management advice and stock predictions.

The survey consists of 6 small parts and for most of the questions (about 12) there is space to write an explanation if you wish (and appreciated!). Unless specified otherwise, all questions concern the 2018 fishing season.

Results of the previous 2016 survey are online ( and were incorporated into the 2017 assessment, providing quantitative information on catch sources that are not necessarily recorded.

This survey is completely anonymous and personal identifying information is not even collected by me. However, all anonymous results will be made publicly available via the CSAS website (

I would like to thank you in advance for filling in this survey. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone in addition to the survey.

Elisabeth Van Beveren
418 775-0675

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