Ibis Pauper - questionnaire
Ibis Power wants to enlarge its contribution in the sustainable energy market. To get a better understanding of the wishes and demands that our costumers share we'd like to ask you some short questions. This to gain more knowledge about the direction of our costumers needs and interests within this market.

Thank you for you participation! This questionnaire will take roughly 2 mins of you time.

This survey is published and managed by Ibis Powerr, please be aware that we take your privacy seriously and we make every reasonable effort to respect it.

Do you believe that using renewable energy sources helps to improve the environment? *
Do you think the necessity to invest in a renewable energy source has risen lately? *
Do you or does your company have a renewable energy plan now or in the future? *
In which of the following technologies would you most likely invest if you were investing in a renewable energy solution? (multiple options possible) *
What type of business are you generally situated in? *
What do you most like about solar and wind energy products currently available on the market? (multiple options possible) *
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