We want your sangha's ideas!
Back in January, the Summer Course Team asked Lama Ole what he would like in the program this year. He said he wanted all of his students to have the chance to ask questions and request topics for teachings. He suggested that we invite the whole world to contribute their ideas before the course, and so that's what we are doing here.

Please meet with your sangha and discuss your ideas. You might do this on a local, regional or national level -- whatever makes sense for your sangha. You can then choose someone to summarize your main questions and teaching requests into a few lines, and to submit them here.

If you don't want to use this form, you are welcome to call or email one of these Diamond Way Teachers, who have volunteered to help: Michaela Fritzges, Manfred Maier, Reka Mathe, John Christopherson, Honza Matuska, Anna Briscoe, Olga Komarova, Nicolas Ale, and Paulina Czaja.

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