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Please fill the online questionnaire to apply for WePOWER World Bank professional development training on STEM Communications. The answers should be within the given word limit (wherever mentioned).
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7. Educational Qualification with Specialization (including additional certifications, if any). Provide highest qualification completed.
8. Work Experience, if any (i.e., name of the company, job title, and years worked)
9. Where do you see yourself three - five years from now career-wise? (upto 100 words)
10. How do you think the course will help in achieving your career plans? (upto 100 words)
11. Can you describe briefly how your area of specialization is important to society? (upto 75 words)
Who do you communicate your science or area of specialization with? Can you give us an example of a recent communication (informal or formal) and were you able to convey your message adequately? (upto 100 words)
13. Have you initiated / participated / collaborated in implementing a project in your area of specialization with any underserved communities? Give an example. Would you be willing to serve an underserved community with your specialization? (upto 100 words)
14. Should you be selected for this training, are you willing to commit 8-10 hours (class and homework) a week to this course?
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15. The online classes conducted every week (PM) will use Zoom and LinkedIn. Do you have the necessary access to technology (i.e., laptop/computer with webcam or video facility and Internet)?
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16. Are you willing to mentor/empower other STEM careerwomen after the completion of this training? What steps would you take to do this?
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