GalleyMatch Registration for Book Clubs
Dear Book Club Member,

We're excited to share advance reading copies (also known as galleys) from publishers with your book club!

This free service offers clubs the chance to preview new  titles. Please complete this form so we can best match the interests of your book club with available titles. It's helpful to know your group's favorite books!


Are the galleys free? Who receives them?

*There is no charge to book club members for the galleys, or for shipping. You do not need to return the books. All books are sent directly from the publisher to one book club coordinator.

Galleys may not be used for promotional purposes or giveaways.

What types of books do you offer?

GalleyMatch is available for adult book discussion groups and cookbook clubs,  teen, young adult, middle grade, and children's book clubs, reading a variety of genres.

How do I know If my club is registered?

*If you have registered a book club already, or if another member of your book club has registered, please don't register the club again! If you have any questions about whether you've or another member has registered, email us at

I belong to several book clubs. Should I register each?

*If you are a member of multiple book clubs, please complete a separate form for each group.

How many copies do you provide? Are ebooks available?

*GalleyMatch provides advance reading copies for each member of your book club based on the number you have registered. For selected titles, digital galleys are available via download to Kindle through NetGalley.

What is required of book clubs?

*We request that one member complete a feedback form about your discussion after the meeting. We will send the form when galleys ship.

I registered for our book club, but haven't heard from you. When do we receive books?*

While we hope to offer a match to  your book club, you do not receive potential GalleyMatches from us on any specific schedule. While there are many other factors in making matches, please note that we don't make many matches for larger groups (20+), and in general, smaller groups are likely to receive more matches.

*IMPORTANT: We require that you send us an email to ensure that you  can receive an email from us!  We won't reach out to you unless we receive an email from you. If we have not corresponded with you in the past, our email often goes to spam,  and many book club members miss their GalleyMatch emails.
To confirm your registration, send an email to  with the subject line "GalleyMatch" and we will reply to confirm.  

How soon do I need to reply to your email?

When we contact you, we'll ask you to confirm receipt of our email within 24 hours. We'll include the final deadline in the email. Please respond even if your group is not interested in accepting these galleys. If not, we will assume you are no longer interested in participating and remove your group from the registry. If you don't check your email daily please have another member register as the contact for your book club.

You'll find the timeframe for scheduling your discussion in your GalleyMatch offer letter.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at

Thank you!

Judy Gelman

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Please indicate you have  read the FAQ at the beginning of the form. You are required to send us an email: (write "GalleyMatch" in the subject line) to ensure that you can receive emails from us: If we don't receive the email, we won't reach out to you.

Please only send questions that are not answered in the FAQ. Thank you!

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