Kilifi New Year 2020 - Vendors and Stalls Application <3


Kilifi New Year is ready to welcome applications for all Vendors and Stallholders!
We are looking for like-minded people to join our family, and this application is where you start that journey.

We would LOVE you to join us with all your delicious, beautiful or astounding services and creations – whether that be food, non-alcoholic drinks, an art gallery, clothing, or even a tattoo stand or kinyozi. The more artistic and dynamic the better!

We want to showcase the best of what Kenya has to offer and are relying on all of you to provide the added value of community to our amazing festival.


Applicants will be accepted based on their ability to provide reliable and quality service to our attendees. We take no responsibility for the security of your equipment, staff, cash or personal belongings at any time. The Venue requires exclusivity for the sales of all alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, sodas and water.

For Your Information:

Sell food and non-alcoholic beverages. These will be limited so that all vendors make the best sales possible. We are looking for stalls that can serve good quality food meeting our values. We prefer vendors that are organic and health conscious. We will do our best to ensure exclusivity on some of your products.

Stalls are for anyone looking to sell non-consumable goods on site. This can be from jewellery to clothes. We are open to suggestions, even having a Kinyozi or Tattoo parlor on site would be amazing! The more that a stall adds to the festivals eccentricities the better!

General FAQ:

How to apply for a stall/vendor space

- If you would like to apply for as a Vendor or Stallholder please fill in the Participant Questions and the relevant application form below.
-While we encourage as much diversity as possible, please understand that places are limited.
-We are looking for Stalls and Vendors that will add to the Kilifi New Year aesthetic of creativity and celebration.
Once your application is received, we will get back to you as soon as possible with a response. Your booking will only be considered as confirmed once a contract is signed and full fees have been paid.

How much will it cost?

Food stalls will cost KES 45,000.00 for the duration of the event. This will include 2 x Free Staff Passes. Optional extra Staff Passes will cost KES 4,000.00 with a maximum of 6 staff passes per food stall. Further tickets will be charged full price. Deadline for applications is 1st November.

Stalls that are not food stalls will cost KES 15,000.00 for the duration of the event. This will include 2 x Free Staff Pass and one optional extra Staff Pass at KES 3,000.00 with a maximum total of 3 staff members per stall. Further tickets will be charged full price. Deadline for applications is 1st December.

What will Kilifi New Year provide for Stalls/Vendors?

- An allocated 6 x 3ft table for service.
- An overhead frame allowing you to attach décor and shade cloth.
- Power: You will be given access to power although only low power rated equipment will be allowed. Feel free to double check with us directly. Although we always over cater for power, the risk of overloading power puts the entire event at risk, hence we must apply strict rules, we hope you can understand.
- Water: We will have a communal washing up station for stall holders. This water comes from our bore-hole and is only suitable for consumption once boiled.
- Free camping for stall holders and their staff (bring your own camping gear)
- We will provide a liaison between all stall holders for any questions or issues prior, during and after the event.

What must you provide?

- All your own staff and equipment
- Reliable and consistent service to festival-goers and campers.
- Very good signage of your stall, products and clearly displayed price lists
- Secure cash box and change
- All décor, extra lighting, chairs
- Shade cover to setup on frame above stall.

Points to note:

STALL SET UP : On the 28th and 29th December, all vendors and stall holders can set up as they please between 7am and 7pm. On the 30th, you will have until midday to use vehicles. On the 31st and 1st, your vehicles will only be allowed through the gates between 9:30am - 11:30am. On the 2nd of January, vehicles will be cleared for entry from 10am onwards.

STALL PRESENTATION: Please take pride in the presentation of your stall and take the time to really impress. Be inspired and make your stall shine, amaze and wow festival attendees with your talents! Stallholders MUST demonstrate a positive image of Kilifi New Year at all times.

SITE ALLOCATIONS: Each Stall holder will have a pre-allocated stall within the Kilifi New Year Festival venue. The team will determine site placement in advance and stallholders will receive site allocation information prior to the festival. All site allocations are final and cannot be changed.

APPROVED PRODUCTS &/OR GOODS: A lot of thought, time and energy will have gone into selecting the right mix of stalls to create a truly unique experience. As a result, Stallholders are ONLY permitted to sell the products and goods (FOR THE PRICE STATED) listed in your approved application. Stallholders who wish to sell any additional products&/or goods MUST seek approval in writing before arriving onsite.

HEALTH : Please make an effort to ensure your team has the required food handlers certificate in order to avoid and health issues with festival goers. Stallholders MUST maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in and around your stall at all times.

CLEAN UP: All stall holders are REQUIRED to clean & pick up after themselves. We will not be responsible for picking up after you and your staff at your stall OR at the communal washing area. Please ENSURE you have an individual or a team on site to clean up for/after you. THIS INCLUDES DOING YOUR OWN WASHING UP!

SINGLE USE PLASTICS ARE PROHIBITED! We are trying harder and harder every year to completely eliminate the existence of single use plastics on our site. Stalls and vendors are strictly prohibited to use these as serving or packaging materials. We are happy to assist in the procurement of environmentally friendly alternatives.

STALL PACK DOWN: PLEASE ensure you leave no trace behind you. You are responsible to start packing up and clearing out your station by 10am on the 2nd of January 2019.

If you have further questions please email

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Will you have any deliveries to site pre or during the show? In the case that do you, what would these deliveries be? Please note that this HAS to be arranged within the allotted vehicle entry times. *
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