Stream Team Application 2
Things we are looking for in members:
-Willingness to work as a TEAM member
-Preferred experience with streaming software
-Required to be 18 or older
-Basic understanding of copyright infringement with regards to music, video, etc
-Experience with video editing software (for editors)
-Active on forums if not already

If you are interested in applying for the EMC Stream Team, please fill out the following form. We will then proceed through the steps below for the application process. Stream Team is responsible for creating streams of events and other EMC-focused videos when possible.

Step 1: Your official submission stream recording will be reviewed.
Step 2: If your submission is found acceptable, someone will contact you to sit in on one of your streams LIVE.
Step 3: If we like what we see, you become officially part of the EMC Stream Team!
What is your username on EMC? *
Are you 18 or older? *
Which streaming platform will you be using? *
How would you deal with a troll causing trouble on your stream? *
Please link a stream recording *
Do you have any experience creating and editing videos? Include details of all programs you can use. *
Why do you want to be on the Stream team? *
Why should we choose you? *
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