Hardware Donation List
Following are a list of items we could really use for various programs in Uganda and all over the world. Please select the items you wish to donate, and we will get back to you.

Please note that we also ask that you pay to ship the gear to our US office, but if you keep your receipts we can give you a tax receipt for your shipping and equipment costs.

Thank you so much!

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Educational Initiative
These items will be used to supply educational content to schools and community centers.
Maker Gear
Chromebooks / Chromeboxes
Laptops are really hard to get into the country, so for education we're only pushing Loaded Chromebooks right now. They're lightweight and quite resilient. Looking for all brands and models in decent shape. Anyone want to knock my socks off with a Pixel? (Yeah, right!)
Android devices
We need these for Android development in the center and also to host content in schools.
Storage Devices / Accessories
Personal Items
Note that these are for my kids. I can't really afford to buy them the equipment they need for school, living on donations and all. Both of my kids are looking at technology courses and one or both are looking at film, animation and art.
Miscellaneous Personal Equipment
Computer Training Center Equipment
This equipment is for our CTC, or for makerspaces we are trying to help.
Various Equipment for CTC
We desperately need this equipment in our Jinja Uganda Training Center.
Software / Licenses
We are really struggling to use all legitimate software. Every little bit helps!
Notes / Comments
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