Visalia Republican Women Scholarship
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All applicants must submit a personal essay- 500 words or less- about what being a Republican means to you, educational goals, and career goals. Describe any special circumstances that you have experienced that would assist the scholarship committee in the selection process. *
Letters of Recommendation - Please provide the names of 2 people who will be providing your letters of recommendation. Please see #9 of criteria for how and where to submit letters of recommendation. *
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I hereby certify that the information presented in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that whatever information is provided will be held in confidence and will be used solely for the purpose of scholarship selection. I understand that if the letters of recommendation are not received by the scholarship due date, the scholarship will be considered incomplete and ineligible for consideration. I understand it is my duty to make sure the letters are received by VRWF Scholarship Chairwoman. In the event I am chosen as a recipient, I agree to meet the criteria established to receive the award and I authorize the Visalia Republican Women Federated to release my name and award information for publicity purposes. I have read and understood the above acknowledgment of conditions. *
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