English Education Portfolio Review
Thank you for participating in the evaluation of English Education exit portfolios. The portfolios contain works collected by students to show their competence in English for teacher credentialing purposes.

In accordance with our agreement with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, in order for students to pass, they must earn an average of at least 10 points in the assessment, with at least two readers.
Evaluator Name *
Student Name *
Portfolio Construction *
Please assess the portfolio based on its usability (the links work, its organization is apparent and effective, sufficient help text is included, etc.) and aesthetics (design choices are effective and do not distract the reader). Usability should be weighted more heavily than aesthetics.
Teaching Statement *
Please read the student's teaching statement and assign an evaluation to it.
Portfolio Contents *
Please assess the portfolio’s contents. Students were directed to include works from their undergraduate studies that represent their achievements in four areas: 1. Literature and Textual Analysis; 2. Language, Linguistics, and Literacy; 3. Composition and Rhetoric; 4. Communications: Speech, Media, and Creative Performance (this could include multimodal projects like videos or websites, or creative writing projects). Base your evaluation on how well the included texts represent the student’s competence in the subject areas listed.
Unit Plan: is the Unit Plan readable on the site? Would you suggest they format differently or add more or less information? *
Comments and suggestions for creator: any recommendations for changes? Did all links work? What is working well? *
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