Yomim Noraim Seat Request 2021
Hello, Please fill out the form below to reserve your seat for Yomim Noraim.

As always, we will try to lay out the seating to accommodate everyone's requests, usual seats, and provide as much space to make it as comfortable as possible. In order to do so, please indicate below if you will not be using your seats on any of the days.

Please fill out this form even if you will be paying at later date.
Seats are based on first comes, first served basis and would not be accomodated if form isn't filled out.

*Seats are available for any age children if they plan on davening, reserving a seat is required.

Member Family $75 per seat
Non Members Family $125 per seat

If you would like special financial consideration or need to defer payment due to financial constraints, please complete the form and notify the rabbi or email info@ahavastorahmb.com .

To pay online, please calculate how much you owe and make a secure payment at: https://quickclick.com/r/hoh77

(To Pay Membership if you have not done so, you can go to: http://donate.ahavastorahmb.com/ )
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Women Section Seats
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Seating/Requests (window, front, back, etc.)
We will attempt to accommodate as much as possible
Will you not being using any of your seats on any of the days?
For example: "I will not need the seats in the Women's section for Rosh Hashana" or "I will only need one seat for Yom Kippur."
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