Scholarship Acceptance Agreement


The undersigned Scholar, as a condition and in consideration of the payment of an award by the Edwardsville Community Foundation agrees to the following terms:

1. The scholarship award shall be paid directly to the educational institution and used only for (a) tuition and fees required for the Scholar’s enrollment or attendance at the qualified educational institution; (b) fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses of instruction at the educational institution; and (c) room and board;

2. If the scholarship is limited to a specific course of study, the Scholar shall be enrolled in the course of study for which the scholarship is awarded and provide written documentation of same to ECF;

3. The Scholar shall be enrolled full-time on a continuous basis throughout the term of the award period (summer terms excepted);

4. If the scholarship is limited to a specific institution, the Scholar shall be enrolled at that institution;

5. If the Scholar is to benefit from a renewable award, the multiple years of the award are for successive enrollment years with no exception for a hiatus, which shall operate to forfeit the award;

6. The Scholar shall promptly provide written notice to ECF of any change in the Scholar’s address, email, cell phone and other contact information;

7. The Scholar shall immediately upon request execute all necessary documentation, including but not limited to, an authorization and release in such form as may be required by ECF for ECF to communicate directly with the educational institution and its agents about scholarship-related matters, including the Scholar’s grades, enrollment status, and application of scholarship funds;

8. The Scholar shall be responsive to ECF’s inquiries in a timely and meaningful manner;

9. The Scholar is required to submit the academic information required by his/her scholarship by October 1, or the scholarship will be forfeited;

10. If there is an interruption for any reason (including hospitalization, family emergency or any other hardship) in a recipient’s continuous qualification for a scholarship, or if the Scholar violates any of the terms of this Scholar Acceptance Agreement, the scholarship shall cease, and funds shall no longer be available even if the scholar later demonstrates compliance with the terms of the scholarship;

11. ECF’s interpretations and decisions regarding unstated, unforeseen, vague or ambiguous aspects of the scholarship are binding on the Scholar; and

12. The Scholar’s ability to benefit from the award is subject to the ECF Donor Sponsored Scholarship Fund Guidelines and Procedures.

Scholarship Agreement and Registration must be completed by October 1st or Scholarship is Forfeited
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