COVID-19 PhD assessment
As LOUP (landelijk overleg universitaire promovendi, a collaboration of all university PhD organizations) we would like to assess what problems you are facing in your PhD-tract due to the current pandemic. The answers will be assessed by all local PhD committee's and passed on to PNN (promovendi netwerk Nederland, the Dutch network for all PhD's) to get a better understanding of the scope of problems that PhD's face due to the pandemic, and how to help.
Thank you very much for your time in advance!

If you are a PhD-student at Amsterdam UMC, please fill out the questionnaire here: 
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Where are you based?               If you are a PhD-student at Amsterdam UMC, please fill out the questionnaire here:  *
Current year of PhD: *
What type of research do you do? *
How do you feel that the COVID-19 pandemic influences you PhD tract? *
Choose your top 3 of biggest PhD problems you are currently facing due to the COVID-19 outbreak:
Limited (availability of) supervision
Temporary stop of study inclusions / lab experiments
Limited other projects/data to work on
Delay in PhD defense
Working space at home
Less social contact
Cancellation of conferences
No acces to courses or other (for PhD required) activities
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Have you been asked to do COVID-19 related (clinical) work, that will take up time that you would otherwise spend on your own research project? *
How does the hospital pay for your salary?
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Do you think COVID-19 will lead to problems for the financing of your PhD-tract / problems with your employment contract?
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What is your biggest concern for your PhD-tract in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic? *
Thank you for your time!
If you have any additional questions or remarks, please feel free to contact your local PhD committee!
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