Parent Climate Survey Stanly Early College 2018-2019
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1. The school keeps me informed about my child's academic progress. *
2. The school lets me know about my child's progress through conferences, progress reports, report cards, behavior sheets, phone calls, email, PowerSchool Parent Portal, or in other ways. *
3. My child's school has high and appropriate expectations for my child. *
4. My child is learning what he or she needs to know to succeed in later grades and after graduating from high school. *
5. My child's school provides instruction that enables my child to reach his or her potential. *
6. The pace of my child's instruction meets my child's needs. *
7. My child's teacher(s) provide the appropriate level of assistance when he or she needs extra help with classwork or homework. *
8. My child has access to sufficient materials, equipment, and technology in good condition on a daily basis. *
9. This school communicates with parents and guardians. *
10. I feel free to express concerns or make suggestions to the staff at the school. *
11. I receive timely and appropriate responses to my questions or concerns. *
12. It is easy for me to contact my child's school with questions or concerns. *
13. I am satisfied with the response I receive when I contact my child's school with questions or concerns. *
14. My child's school makes it easy for parents to attend meetings by holding them at different times of day or at different locations, as well as providing an interpreter if needed. *
15. My child's school communicates with me in a language I can understand. *
16. I frequently receive information about what my child is studying in school. *
17. My child's teacher(s) give helpful comments and feedback on classwork and tests. *
18. My child's school clearly communicates its expectations for my child's learning to me and my child. *
19. My child can communicate his or her successes and challenges: what they are working on in their classes, why it is important, and how they are doing. *
20. My child's school offers a wide variety of rigorous and relevant content in his or her classes to keep students engaged. *
21. I feel welcome at my child's school. *
22. The adults at my child's school care about all students. *
23. The teachers at my child's school enjoy the subject(s) they teach. *
24. The teachers at my child's school make my child excited about learning. *
25. The teachers at my child's school connect what they are learning to life outside of the classroom. *
26. My child is provided with engaging learning activities that keep students interested and involved in their learning. *
27. The teachers at my child's school use a variety of approaches and activities to engage students in learning. *
28. The school my child attends offers all of the courses my child needs. *
29. Opportunities exist for me to be involved in my child's education. *
30. I am involved in major decisions about my child. *
31. My child is encouraged to participate in school activities. *
32. If my child has a medical problem, appropriate action is taken. *
33. Positive behavior supports are used appropriately at my child's school. *
34. The school provides adequate counseling and support services for students. *
35. My child is safe at school. *
36. My child is safe in the hallways at school. *
37. My child is safe in the restrooms at school. *
38. My child is safe outside the classroom. *
39. My child has felt threatened or bullied at school. *
40. My child has experienced cyber-bullying. *
41. School staff treat my child with respect. *
42. Discipline at my child's school is fair. *
43. My child receives an appropriate amount of work/homework to complete after school *
44. My child feels safe and respected at school and does not experience discrimination based on gender, race, culture, non-traditional lifestyles, etc. *
45. There is an adult at the school whom my child trusts and can go to for help with a school problem. *
46. My child's school is kept neat and clean. *
47. My child's classes are too crowded. *
48. I would recommend the school my child attends to my friends. *
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