Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp Reference Questionnaire
Thank you for serving as a reference for a potential member of our 2021 Summer Staff. This reference will be confidential and will not be shared with the applicant. Please contact us directly at jacob@flbc.net or call 563-517-1068 if you prefer to give a verbal recommendation.

The person requesting this reference has applied to serve on the summer staff at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp. As we will be serving a wide range of campers and retreat participants this summer, we need your help in evaluating this person’s potential in working with children and adults in our ministry. Your sincere and candid response regarding this applicant’s character and ability is appreciated.
Candidate's Name: *
How long and in what capacity (supervisor, mentor, pastor, etc?) have you known this candidate? *
For each of the following questions, please check the phrase that most accurately describes the applicant’s behavior.
How well is he/she able to direct and influence others along definite lines of action? *
How well does he/she work with associates for the good of the group? *
How does he/she react to suggestions or criticisms by others? *
How well does this person follow through on tasks and assignments? *
Please comment briefly on the following items, giving specific examples when you have had firsthand experience. If you have no knowledge, please state so.
Starting with the most important, please comment to the top 3 ways in which this individual could improve his/her work performance. *
Starting with the most important, please comment on the top 3 work related strengths of this individual. *
Please comment on this person’s ability to lead campers toward a growing Christian faith: i.e. leading devotions, worship, and influencing young lives in a Christian way. *
Would you recommend that this person be responsible for the care and supervision of children for a lengthy period of time? *
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Would you want your children (if applicable) to be supervised & directed by this person?
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