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The iCapture app allows users to seamlessly move between collecting aggregate and event data without having to go to different parts within DHIS2. This can be particular useful when indicators are being created within a health program using a mix of these types of data.

Apart from that, this app also allow users to manage completeness of events registered into system based on period types. This event completeness monthly allow users handle number of events registered, avoiding duplicated events, and also blocking event registered into wrong period.

Each event registered into the system is displayed immediately in the event list and number of events, or indicators are displayed on the right panels. This convenience view allow user handle easily what had been registered recently.

Offline Capture App - OCA
The offline Capture app has been made in order to address the issue of limited internet connectivity. It is a self-contained desktop application that allows for offline the entry of event data. Data is all stored on a user’s computer and is synchronized when online connectivity is available.
Disease surveillance App (Internal / External)
This is an internal dashboard app that allows for custom dashboards to be defined. It is currently being used to monitor disease surveillance for 45 diseases on a weekly basis. This app allows for flexible charts and visualizations to be used that are not supported natively within DHIS2.
External Public Dashboard
The external dashboard is an interactive, public web portal that supports the open review of data. It is interactive and allows for the modification of outputs based on user requirements. These are currently being used in Lao, Indonesia and Solomon Islands.
Excel Importer for DHIS2
Supports the import of event, tracker and aggregated data based on customizable Excel templates. It is meant to streamline efforts of bringing legacy data into the system and support data integration of multiple systems.
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