CapitolRiver Council Project Ideas
This form is for suggesting ideas to the CapitolRiver Council Board. ALL stakeholders are welcome to use this form (Projects will be considered by the board for WorkGroups & Committees).

Please keep CRC's mission (community outreach and city council advisory) in mind when submitting project proposals. If your project goes beyond the scope of this mission, you should consider where additional resources, including labor, might come from. Please indicate in your application if there's a reason you don't want your idea posted on our website.
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Project Idea
Turning an idea into reality takes hard work, filling out this form does not. Appropriate project ideas will be posted on the CRC website and, with your permission, we will connect you with anyone else who expresses interest in collaborating to move the idea forward. In the meantime you should seriously consider what first steps you can begin taking that the CRC can join the effort in when our process allows. If you make progress, after filling out this form, we'd love to hear an update!
Description of Project Idea *
What is the problem you want to address or the benefit you're hoping to add to the district?
Specific Address or Location for project, if applicable
How does this project relate to the CRC Mission? *
Mission: CapitolRiver Council, an official advisory group to the City Council, represents and works in partnership with all District 17 stakeholders to act on urban planning and community building efforts as part of a shared vision to support sustainable, safe, healthy, and vibrant neighborhoods.
What are the first steps or goals to work on? *
Schedule *
What is a rough time frame you estimate the project to take, is there an obvious date it would need to be completed by?
Are you aware of other local organizations or government departments that you think would support this project? *
i.e. Friends of Mears Park, Saint Paul DSI, Saint Paul Arts Collective, Public Works Department, etc.
What level of community engagement do you think this project would require? *
If you had to estimate a budget for your project *
Keep in mind the staff labor costs of community engagement efforts, if you have more specific budget knowledge please fill in a specific amount with the "other" option.
Are you aware of any specific funding sources? *
i.e. Corporate sponsor, participation fee/donation requests, specific grants, etc.
Additional info
Is there anything else you think CRC should know about your idea? (Electronic file location, external web links, etc.)
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