School Climate Survey
Grades 3-5
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My school is kept clean. *
I feel safe at my school. *
Students at my school help each other when needed. *
Most students at my school are well-behaved. *
Most students in my school treat each other with respect. *
My teachers notice if I have trouble learning something. *
My teachers listen to me. *
My teachers would give me help if I needed it. *
The homework I get from my teachers helps me learn. *
My teachers give me interesting work. *
My teachers make learning interesting. *
My teachers explain what we are learning and why. *
My teachers are proud when I do well. *
Adults who work in my school treat students with respect. *
My teachers really care about me. *
My teachers help me do better on my school work. *
I feel like I am part of this school. *
I actively participate in class. *
I like school. *
My teachers want us to share what we think. *
My teachers write notes on my work that helps me do better next time. *
My teachers talk to me about my work to help me understand my mistakes. *
My teachers would notice if something were bothering me. *
My teachers use a lot of different ways to explain things. *
I wish my teacher knew *
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