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This world belongs to all of us, we the people of the world deserve representation, integrity and a way for a united world

1- To help a sustainable and adapted economy with fairness, in science, technological innovation and business for all
2- Provide security, education and healthcare available freely to all;
3- Promote service motivation instead of profit motivation
4- Help to ease world conflicts by expanding higher levels of social, intellectual and spiritual thinking;
5- Start a new age for space exploration and affairs;
6- Provide proportionally a universal basic Income;
7- Provide progressive taxes highly rated to the top rich to reinvest in the economy, in education, environment and security
8- Create efficient democracy systems with internet and applications vote,
9- Facilitate global law - only global law will lead to global freedom by protecting the weak and vulnerable.
10 - Help to find social, economic and technological solutions to protect the environment
11- Work towards the family of heaven concept, a united nations parliamentary assembly and the industry 5.0 to improve the life conditions of the people of the world spiritually, technologically and institutionally

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