Application for John 3:17
Thank you for expressing interest in the John 3:17 discipleship program.

Our program is a 12-month, RESIDENTIAL, discipleship program for adult women who are in bondage to behavior that has taken control over their lives. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure, Christ-centered environment for our residents, to assist them in the process of gaining freedom from the chains of addiction, abuse, obesity, and mental health issues that lead to hopelessness.

It is essential that incoming women are willing to live in right relationship with staff, volunteers, and fellow residents.
We can only assist women who have come to the point in their lives where they are ready for life change through Christ’s power and truth!

We help women find complete healing in all areas of their life: mental, physical, and spiritual. The residents are not allowed nicotine. Caffeine and sugar will be limited in order to learn a healthy eating plan during their year in our program. All applicants must want help for themselves in order to achieve success in this ministry.

The following application is used to help us evaluate your appropriateness for our program. It should only be filled out by the prospective resident and not a family member, unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as incarceration. Feel free to call at 870-217-5603 and let us know that you have submitted the application.

Please be as specific as possible with your answers. Be HONEST!

There is a $50 fee once you are accepted into the program.
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