Tuxedo Bachelor Sign-Up
This form is for persons interested in signing up to participate as contestants (a.k.a. "bachelors") in the charity auction at the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration on June 24th, 2017 at The Ontario Science Centre. If chosen, you may be entitled to discounted admission.

Attendees of the event will bid on having a "friend date" with contestants which will take place in the event space. The "friend date" will last for approximately one hour and include beverages and snacks. This is a non-romantic meeting to make a new friend (or friends!). The proceeds of winning bids will be donated to charity.

*Please, do NOT fill in this form if you only wish to bid on the bachelors/contestants*

1. In order to be a bachelor, you must cosplay a male character from the Sailor Moon universe OR Haruka/Amara/Sailor Uranus OR any of the Starlights (Three Lights are considered male in the anime so they were already allowed). Crossplay is permitted and genderbent cosplay is permitted. You are expected to provide your own costume. Your costume must abide by our dress code! Please see the FAQ (http://sailormooncelebration.com/faq) if you're not sure if your costume is too revealing. *We may expand to include additional characters at a later date*
2. Bachelors must be at least 16 years old to participate. Any gender may enter.
3. Please submit two pictures before the event to info@sailormooncelebration.com. One should be a head shot, and one should be a full body shot. They do not need to be in costume or professionally done (showing pics in costume is optional), but you must be wearing clothing. Photos will NOT be shared without your permission.
3. You are expected to be polite and to carry on a conversation during the "friend date." We suggest avoiding inflammatory topics such as politics or religion.
4. You are not required to hug, kiss, exchange contact information or to supply any other information to your friend date that you are not comfortable with.
5. The person with you on your friend date does not owe you hugs, kisses, contact information, or any other information or physical contact they are not comfortable supplying.
6. Photos and/or video may be taken during the auction and/or the "friend date." By participating, you agree to photos and/or video of your likeness being used to chronicle the auction and/or friend date and the event may use the photos and/or video for promotional purposes. You are not entitled to compensation for the use of these photos and/or video but you can request to be credited if you desire.

Please note that bachelors are generally required to go up on a stage in order to be presented to the bidders. If you have any difficulties with being able to walk up a couple of steps, please notify us in advance so that we can make appropriate accommodations.

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Images Must be Submitted to info@sailormooncelebration.com
If you do not submit images, your application will be declined by default. Please send images within 2 days of submitting this application from the same email address you list above so that we can process your application efficiently.
Terms: I agree that I wish to participate as a contestant of my own free will, with no expectation of compensation (monetary or otherwise). I understand that it is up to the organizing committee to approve or deny my application and that by submitting an application I am not guaranteed to be approved. *
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