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1. Family:  We need to know upfront whom we’re designing for—whom the home needs to support and shelter.  Tell us about the family you have now or intend to have later and if you have any pets and what species they are.  Who lives in your home (currently or in the future)? *
2. Project:  Give us the 411 on the project’s specifics.  Please include the property address and the architectural style of your home.  Also let us know its heritage.  What are we doing? *
How many square feet is this project? *
Is this a new build, renovation or do you just need help with furnishings & decor? *
If it’s a renovation, what are the current issues with the home? *
What rooms or areas will be renovated? Why? *
3. Style:  We want to know about your personal style preferences.  Most people engage interior designers for a beautiful home and  this is important, but we want to create a home unique to you and your interests.  One your guests will recognize as yours the second they walk in.  What words would you use to describe you? *
Describe your style.  Are you a minimalist?  Do you love extravagance? *
Describe the go-to outfit that you love wearing.  How does it make you feel?  Why do you love it? *
What is your favorite restaurant?  Why do you love it?  How does it make you feel? *
What is your favorite hotel?  Why do you love it? *
How would you describe your family lifestyle? *
How would you imagine your dream home looking and feeling? *
Have you collected images of things you like to illustrate the look and feel you’re going for? *
Do you have any colors/things you hate or subjects within art/books we need to stay away from? *
4. Budget:  What is your available budget?                                         This may not be a number you’ve specified concretely.  You may have a range or spending limit in mind, but what’s important is to know what you’re willing to spend and what your viable budget is.  This might consist of savings, available finance, or just the amount you’re comfortable spending.  It is critical to be clear on your figures and communicate them early on in your project.  It’s a tricky topic, but once everyone’s on the same page, there’ll be less room for budget blowouts.  Trust us, the conversations that follow those are a lot trickier.  We'd recommend doing research on what things cost.  And we'd love to be able to furnish and accessorize your 2000sf home that's empty for 50k, but that's impossible based on what things cost. *
What is your viable budget?  This is the figure you spend on the project before you consider yourself over- capitalized. *
5. Timeframe:  Even though you may wish to be in your new home by Christmas, this must be weighed against the scope of work and build programs.  What are the key milestones you want to achieve and by when? *
Are there any restrictions to work with? *
6. Service:  What other project information would you like us to consider... Will we be helping you from early ideas through to completion, or will you manage the build? *
How involved would you like to be? We can provide a turnkey service or consult with you on your purchasing decisions – or somewhere in between. *
Will we assist with furniture also? *
And that’s a wrap! Just remember, the more you work on your brief, the better we will understand exactly what you’re after.  Getting this as close to perfect as possible from the outset saves you from most of the avoidable errors miscommunications may bring down the line.  Is there anything else we should know? *
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