EducationUSA Russia webinars with U.S. higher educational institutions.
EducationUSA Russia hosts webinars with U.S. higher educational institutions to help Russian students understand the diversity within U.S. higher education. When submitting information, please refrain from using rankings. Please make one submission for each webinar in which you would like to participate. You are welcome to contribute your knowledge and experience on subjects and topics which are of prime interest to the Russian students.

Please register at least 6 weeks before the social media campaign.

For any additional information please contact Indira Mukhamedova:

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1) Please note that we work on a first come, first served basis for each topic. We can host a maximum of 2 schools for one webinar. 2) Each webinar will take place at 10:00 am EST. 3) Please register one month before the webinar date.
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Make sure you do not just promote your school: gain credibility by sharing unique information! We recommend you to indicate an eye and ear catching topic on student life, dialogues with faculty members, special programs updates - everything what students or parents cannot google or find information other than during a webinar.
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