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Phone (or Cellphone) Number
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Where do you work?
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Do you rent personally or by company?
Which location are you interested in?
You can choose 2 or 3 locations. If the location you are interested in is not on the list,please fill in the blank of ''其他".
Which MRT Community do you want to move in ?
For example: Central Park, Sanduo Shopping District, Kaohsiung Arena, HSR-Zuoying Station......etc.You can write 2 or 3 communities.
Monthly Rental Amount(NON TAX)
Style of Home
How many people would you have in the home?
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How soon could you move in?
How long of a lease do you want?
For example: 6 months, 1 year......etc.
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Rental Terms
Do you need the Internet?
Do you need the cable TV or MOD ?
Do you need the Cable Telephone ?
Do you need the parking place ?
What public Utilities do you prefer ?
For example: Swimming pool, Gym, Audiovisual room, Reading room...etc.
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Do you have any pets ?
Do you smoke ?
If you have children, which area do they study?
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What is your ideal living function?
For example: It could be great that the property is close to the market or convenience store....
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When are you available to schedule rental showings/appointments?
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Any questions about anything?
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LINE ID (Foreign companies filling out the questionnaire will get LINE gift )
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※We will charge half month’s rent as a commission for finding the property.
Arei Real Estate has many top quality properties for rent in Kaohsiung.We will try our best to offer what you need.
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